Email Marketing directly connects you with your target audience via mass emails to inform, educate, or sell certain products or services. As a result, new leads are generated, and current client relationships are boosted, making email marketing an effective strategy for the success of your business. We know all too well the influx of spam messages that enter our inboxes daily, but there are truly impactful email marketing campaigns that you can implement in your business to reach your customers. In doing so, you’re connecting with your target audience and promoting not only your product but also your brand, all while increasing your sales and traffic to your page. When initiating your email campaign, keep in mind certain factors: Email List, Server Compatibility, and Marketing Strategy.

Having a comprehensive email list is essential to running a successful digital marketing campaign. To begin building your list, consider including your sign-up or subscribe form on your website’s homepage, or inside your storefront. Additionally, the key is to offer an incentive, for instance, in the form of a coupon or service discount, that will appeal to your target audiences’ wants or needs; thus they’ll be more inclined to subscribe to your email list for all future sales, promotions, newsletter, ads, etc. Keep your sign-up form limited to simple information such as name and email address. Remember to drive sign-ups through social media, allowing your content to be shared with others; increasing your reach. Maintaining an extensive subscriber list will ensure a higher ROI for your business.

A great campaign doesn’t end with a comprehensive email list and appealing design. In order to send out a higher volume of emails you need to make sure your server is compatible. Many servers limit the amount of emails sent out at any one particular time. A proper server for mass email marketing will help ensure all of your emails are delivered to their intended inboxes, avoiding further issues like ISP restrictions and spamming.

Having a clear and concise marketing strategy before beginning your campaign is vital to achieving your business goals. You want to boost conversations and relations with your target audience, increase revenue through sales, and encourage loyal customers that will add value to your business. First you’ll need to define your goals. What’s the purpose of your email campaign? Is it to increase your business awareness, nurture current relationships, build your clientele, increase revenue, increase brand visibility, increase traffic to your website, etc. Next, outline your objectives to achieve your goals. Who are you targeting with your email campaign? For what reason? Stay focused on your objectives to obtain these goals.

Two excellent platforms for your marketing campaign are MailChimp and Constant Contact. Mailchimp is extremely user-friendly, and their software allows you access to various templates and designs, all customizable towards your brand. A useful feature is their content organizer, aimed to help personalize your email and make your layout more engaging with your target audience. They also have one of the highest-rated delivery systems in the industry. Constant Contact is an all-in-one digital marketing platform that offers tools you’ll want to run a successful campaign. Not sure how to get started? You’ll find various resource links aimed at helping you through jumpstart recommendations. They have tools to help with various digital marketing campaigns like email, SMS, social, and CRM.

Whatever platform you choose to utilize for your email marketing, remember to stick to ones that have resources available to better your efforts. Ensure your business has a comprehensive email list of valued subscribers, a compatible server, and a detailed strategy to help your business achieve its goals. These components, coupled with a direct and clear message within an appealing design, will catch your audience’s attention. Before you know it, email marketing will become your most impactful strategy to date, and you’ll begin to see your business grow.


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